Personalizing your web apps with Fauna & Netlify


Consumers expect to land on web pages and only be served content that is relevant to them. Personalization can be based on several attributes - from giving user-customized greeting messages (based on the user's geolocation, holidays, etc.) to showing them promotions and coupons (based on their previous purchases).

With Netlify's Next.js Advanced Middleware and Fauna's database, you can now achieve dynamic personalization without running client-side JavaScript -- resulting in the user experience consumers want without the performance hit.

In this live webinar, you will learn:

  • 1. How you can make HTTP requests on a static HTML page directly from Netlify edge functions
  • 2. How you can query Fauna from your Netlify edge functions to get personalized information about the user
  • 3. How combining the two above keeps latency low and performance humming

Presented by

Jason LengstorfVP of Developer Experience at Netlify

Shadid HaqueDeveloper Advocate at Fauna

850+ joint Fauna and Netlify Customers

"The connectivity between Netlify and Fauna made it extremely easy to get started...what would have taken several developers weeks or a month, we were able to get started in a day or two days - while allowing us to scale and change quickly"

Sarah Ponn

Head of Product, Craft Boxing

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Combining Netlify with Fauna enables developers to build blazing fast multi-tenant SaaS and mobile apps while minimizing complexity and operational overheads. Fauna’s innovative data model and querying capabilities with support for GraphQL and business logic make it productive to use for any database needs.

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Netlify makes it easy for developers to build and ship full-stack serverless applications. While building full-stack applications on these platforms, developers have quite a few options for their data layer (database). This article compares the databases commonly used with Vercel and Netlify, so you can make an informed decision when picking a new database for your project.

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The Fauna Add-on for Netlify enables users to seamlessly plug in a globally distributed datastore into their applications with an instant GraphQL backend for Netlify apps, without any provisioning. You can also associate databases with your Fauna account allowing you to manage them within the Fauna console.

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Why development teams love Fauna + Netlify

Distributed by default

Document-relational database


Reduce latency for your users with Fauna's globally distributed database and Netlify's global hosting platform

Build quickly with a familiar document and JSON model, with the power of a relational database

Improve the resilience of your database with consistent nodes across multiple regions


Event Streaming


Leave worrying about spinning up, maintaining, and scaling infrastructure to us – focus on building features for your customers and scaling infrastructure to Fauna and Netlify

Send clients real-time updates from your database using an open, push-based streaming solution

Create fine-grained access controls to manage identity-based operations for your databases with ABAC

Delivering personalized content with Netlify’s Next.js Advanced Middleware and Fauna

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It’s become a truism that the speed and performance of web applications, e-commerce sites, and websites are critical variables in converting visitors to paying customers. Modern consumers expect these assets to serve data quickly, accurately, and contextually. API-first platforms like Fauna and Netlify, paired with other composable technologies designed for distributed workloads, drastically simplify the process of deploying applications that serve dynamic content at the edge with low latency, without complicated stitching or multi-team engineering efforts.

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Serverless solutions are empowering small teams to do more and focus on their business. One of the principles of software development is to keep things DRY, or “Don’t Repeat Yourself.” Software as a Service (SaaS) is an iteration on this principle with additional benefits. By migrating to managed serverless infrastructures, engineering teams can reduce operational management, allowing more time for product development. Serverless infrastructures provide scaling on-demand to grow with business needs and the distributed systems lower network latency for users

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