The scalable and flexible alternative to DynamoDB

Fauna is a serverless document database that provides multi-region ACID transactions at scale out of the box. Model your complex data freely with the only NoSQL database that has the relational capabilities of an RDBMS.


Amazon DynamoDB


Migrate your DynamoDB data and gain




The freedom to model and query your data relationally

Multi-region scaling with strong consistency

Higher developer productivity with lower TCO

Many organizations can't anticipate the future requirements of their applications. Fauna's relational nature lets you develop and iterate your data access patterns to easily respond to changing business needs. Don't stifle your productivity with cumbersome workarounds.

Migrating from single to multiple regions with DynamoDB global tables is expensive, complicated, and loses the predictability of consistent transactions. With Fauna, you get the highest levels of consistency without worrying about shards, partitions, replicas, and synchronization delays.

Eliminate query and index workarounds by keeping your entity data, relationships, and manipulation logic together. Fauna's built-in features like streaming and server-side functions lets developers focus on delivering innovation rather than spending cycles avoiding DynamoDB's limitations. 

Louis Holley

Sanctuary Personnel, Fauna customer

Yacine Hmito

fabriq, Fauna customer

Don't just take our word for it.

"I found DynamoDB to be almost unusable in terms of developing an application, thinking about the future, and how access patterns are going to change."

"There are many databases on the market that would have helped us with global replication. We discounted DynamoDB global tables because they're notoriously hard to design for and the DX is not great."

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Frustrated with the growing costs of your DynamoDB implementation while being throttled by its inherent design inflexibility? Fauna avoids all of those compromises, even across global regions, with full transactional and relational power.



Serverless, NoSQL

Fauna checks all the right boxes.

Multi-region ACID compliance

Fauna's architecture brings back the familiarity, flexibility, and safety of relational databases to the serverless, distributed model.

Scalable relational modeling

Flexible schema changes

The DynamoDB experience is less than stellar

"DynamoDB is conditionally great"

"It's ok."

"High pricing."

"Very expensive for small scale industries, applying joins in DynamodDB in memory is complex, lack of support for nested attributes..."

"It's kind of hard to configure, and you have to have a lot of esoteric knowledge about calculating throughput in order to set things up. Also the very specific constraints on keys and queries make it difficult construct a flexible solution..."

"Auto-scaling for indexes which are particularly spikey can be costly. Costs are created from either additional dev time to manage throttling or more expensive (potentially wasteful) R/W throughput minimums..."

Sound familiar?

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Balance global user experience and data sovereignty in your database

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