Ship dynamic, frontend apps faster with a database delivered as an API

Fauna is the serverless database of choice for frontend developers building applications on platforms like Vercel and Netlify. Interact with your data via GraphQL or JavaScript and ensure dynamic, low-latency experiences for your distributed users.

Launch applications that scale

Accelerate development with OOTB integrations

Focus on code, not operations

Provide consistent user experiences globally

Add Fauna as your database directly from your Vercel and Netlify projects and start interacting with Fauna using Fauna's GraphQL API or drivers in popular languages like Node.js.

Get the same serverless experience as your frontend platform from your database. Build dynamic web apps and let Fauna handle the provisioning, scaling, and sharding of the database.

Reduce application latency with Fauna’s distributed database. Be closer to your user's client devices and return results for complex business logic in a single database query.


Accelerate development of your frontend apps with Fauna's database delivered as an API

Accelerate development of your frontend apps with Fauna's database delivered as an API

Join us on August 23rd @ 9AM PT


Join us August 23rd @ 9AM PT for a technical deep dive into how you can ship dynamic frontend applications using Fauna integrated with frontend platforms like Netlify and Vercel.

Learn how Fauna’s database delivered as an API can help you accelerate development and give you the confidence to scale.

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Aaron CamposCEO at Dhamira

Shashank GollaProduct Marketing at Fauna

"Fauna helps us deliver modern healthcare experiences, better and faster. With Fauna, we can focus on building robust, reliable data-driven applications instead of having to manage databases. It is a game changer for modern business."

Aaron Campos


Why development teams love Fauna

Distributed by default

Document-relational database


Reduce latency for your users with a globally distributed database

Build quickly with a familiar document and JSON model, with the power of a relational database

Get out-of-the-box CRUD queries, mutations, and collections with our GraphQL API



Event streaming

Don't worry about spinning up, maintaining, or scaling infrastructure – focus on building features for your customers

Integrate with Vercel and Netlify platforms with native, out-of-the-box integrations

Send clients real-time updates from your database using an open, push-based streaming solution

Seamlessly integrate your existing architecture

Fauna fits into your current web hosting solution

Fauna’s out-of-the-box integrations for Vercel and Netlify enable you to get started quickly.

Build alongside your serverless, global architecture

Leverage Fauna with Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute@Edge, AWS Lambda, and more in your serverless architectures.

Add Fauna to your Vercel applications in minutes

Announcing the Fauna Add-on for Netlify

Fauna compliments Vercel with a data API that lets you add a serverless datastore to your projects in minutes, scales as you grow, and gives you access to features such as built-in 3rd party authentication, document streaming and temporality that enable modern application experiences - zero database operations required!

Read the blog | Read the docs

The Fauna Add-on for Netlify enables users to seamlessly plug in a globally distributed datastore into their applications with an instant GraphQL backend for Netlify apps, without any provisioning. You can also associate databases with your Fauna account allowing you to manage them within the Fauna console.

Read the blog | Read the docs

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