Reduce latency in your edge app with Fauna's distributed database

Watch our on-demand webinar recording to realize the full potential of your edge app with a database that pushes data closer to your edge compute nodes. Learn how you can take full advantage of your edge architecture and create blazing fast customer experiences.

Build faster, more performant edge apps

Consistent, low latency for customers anywhere

Integrates seamlessly with your edge architecture

Scale globally without additional overhead

Fauna is a distributed, transactional database by default. When your end-users make requests and hit your edge compute nodes, Fauna ensures low latency with a close-proximity database and resiliency with ACID compliance.

Start or accelerate your journey to the edge with a serverless database that fits the same delivery model. Quickly get started with Cloudflare Workers and Fastly’s Compute@Edge integrations.

Fauna provides a single endpoint globally to access your data from anywhere: no provisioning, scaling, sharding, or maintenance. The native serverless architecture enables you to focus on building and not administrative overhead.


Realize the full potential of your edge architecture with Fauna

Watch the on-demand webinar for a technical deep dive into serverless architectures and edge computing. You'll learn how Fauna’s document-relational database delivered as an API can help you realize the full potential of your edge applications. We cover all things Cloudflare Workers, AZION, and Fastly Compute@Edge as well as shared real-world customer examples. 

"After first trying PostgreSQL and CockroachDB, our move to Fauna resulted in 70% lower latency across all regions while significantly lowering our operational costs."

Kevin Ho 

Co-Founder & CEO

Why development teams love Fauna

Distributed by default

Document-relational database


Reduce latency for your applications with a close-proximity database for your edge nodes

Build quickly with a familiar document and JSON model, with the power of a relational database

Improve the resilience of your database with consistent nodes across multiple regions




Leave worrying about spinning up, maintaining, and scaling infrastructure to us – focus on building features for your customers

Integrate with Cloudlfare workers, and Fastly Compute@Edge platforms with OOTB integrations

Create fine-grained access controls to manage identity-based operations for your databases with ABAC

Seamlessly integrate your existing architecture

Use with your stack of choice

Works with cloud and edge compute infrastructure from AWS, Azion, Azure, Cloudflare, Fastly, and Google

Build faster with automated frameworks

Automate with infrastructure as code platforms such as the serverless framework

Getting started with Fauna and Cloudflare Workers

How to build an edge API gateway with Fastly's Compute@Edge and Fauna

In this tutorial, we build a simple CRUD API to manage a catalog inventory. Our code will be deployed worldwide on Cloudflare's infrastructure, and executed on the serverless Workers runtime which will use Fauna as its data layer. Both services share the same serverless global DNA. When combined, they become an ideal platform to build low latency services that can handle any load with ease.

Read the blog | Read the docs

When building an application, ensuring a great user experience is a key to user engagement, ultimately impacting how happy your users are with your product. A critical aspect of how a user experiences your application is latency. In this tutorial, we’ll explore architecting REST APIs in a fully serverless manner by leveraging Fastly’s Compute@Edge and Fauna.

Read the blog | Read the docs

"Adopting Fauna and Compute@Edge early on has been instrumental in our ability to test and release features quickly. It allows us to maintain our data logic in a single place, and provides enough flexibility to adapt to different requirements across our application."

Isis T. Baulig, CTO, Climatiq

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