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Accelerate your generative AI app development with Fauna and AWS

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Are you building a generative AI app and exploring a stack that will get you started quickly and automatically scale as your application grows? Fauna and AWS offer powerful API-first solutions that can allow you to stay focused on building your app instead of undifferentiated operations.

Join us for a deep dive into how Logoi shipped its AI-driven enterprise personal assistant using Fauna, AWS, and Pinecone. 

Our featured speakers share lessons about how to leverage Fauna and AWS to get your AI app to market quickly without sacrificing future scalability. You’ll gain practical guidance on how to leverage Fauna’s serverless and document-relational database to store core AI operational data, and how AWS’ AI and serverless compute offerings can be used to power the underlying AI model. Logoi will review how it thought through its design decisions and how they’re benefiting from its serverless Fauna and AWS stack.

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Hassen KaraaVP of Product

Hrushikesh GangurPrincipal S.A. AI/ML Startups

Allen RomanoCo-Founder

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